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(Coming up next is a record from a video Wes Strunk and I recorded. Kindly reason any mistakes or errors.)Medi-Share Vs. Samaritan Ministries

Bounce Lotich: All right. In this video, we’re going to discuss Samaritan Ministries and Medi-Share. I am a Medi-Share part and have been for a long time. Wes, my old buddy here, has been with Samaritans for … what number years?

Wes Strunk: Six years.

Weave Lotich: Now, Wes is an old buddy. I moved to Nashville and everyone in Nashville is a performer. In the event that you haven’t been here, you should come visit since everyone’s an artist

Wes Strunk: It’s sort of evident.

Sway Lotich: … and at chapel, I ran into Wes. Also, Wes and his better half are performers. They are really on visit at the present time, so you ought to go look at them. What’s more, they simply recorded this truly cool EP called Into the Unknown and on the off chance that you like great love music, you should look at it. Anyway, so we’ll have interfaces down in the depiction underneath so you can look at all their stuff.

Our Personal Experiences With Samaritan Ministries and Medi-Share

Okay, so Wes and I both get posed an entire bundle of inquiries about our experience, his with Samaritan, mine with Medi-Share, as we’re simply going to experience a rundown of these inquiries and go from that point.

What Is The Overall Feeling Of Satisfaction Or Dissatisfaction Over Time?

Good. In this way, leading you said you’d been with Samaritan for a long time. I’ve been on Medi-Share for a long time. Thus, let me know when all is said in done, how you have felt and this is more a general sentiment of fulfillment or disappointment with Samaritan over that time.

Samaritan Ministries

Wes Strunk: Yeah, I mean, I would state on a size of 1 to 10, likely a 9 or a 10. That is to say, it’s been an astonishing encounter and we’ve had, I’m certain we’ll get into a ton of the various needs that we’ve had. However, I mean, their name is Samaritan Ministries and Medi-Share perhaps has a service in the name, yet it truly feels more like a service than all else. Furthermore, that is truly why we took a gander at its budgetary bit also on how much the expense was versus customary medical services and protection.

In any case, I think for us, it was more, there was a revenue driven dynamic to protection where this truly, as we ask, we saw this agreed with our feelings for what we find in sacred writing. Also, it has truly satisfied what we figured it would be from the earliest starting point. What’s more, it’s uncommon that you discover something … effectively, on the off chance that it’s unrealistic, at that point it’s unrealistic. In any case, this truly wound up agreeing with what we figured it would be. It’s been mind boggling, truly, at all times extraordinary.


Weave Lotich: Yeah. That is to say, for our situation, no doubt. Thus, we’ve been with Medi-Share and I wouldn’t group them as service. That is to say, despite the fact that whatever, it’s sort of a hazy situation to characterize a smidgen. However, they work a great deal like protection. It feels from various perspectives simply like medical coverage, yet I mean, it’s definitely not. They make it truly certain that it isn’t medical coverage. Along these lines, I do feel that may be a smidgen of an alternate thing.

Presently, all things considered, there are a great deal of parts of it that I think fall into that class. A ton of times when you call Medi-Share, toward the finish of your call they requested to implore with you regardless … any requirements you may require. And afterward you have chances to impart to different individuals and things like that. However, in a general sense, feels fundamentally the same as protection for me. Along these lines, I do imagine that is by all accounts the differentiator.

Maternity Expenses And Child Birth Costs And Adoption

OK. Something else I needed to ask you is thusly, you have conceived an offspring, no doubt, two children with them, isn’t that so?

Wes Strunk: I haven’t. My better half has.

Sway Lotich: You haven’t. You haven’t. OK.

Samaritan Ministries

Wes Strunk: She’s mind boggling. Be that as it may, better believe it, we’ve had two children. We’ve been with Samaritan for a long time, we have a three and a half-year-old and a little over a one and a half-year-old.

Bounce Lotich: So, how did that go? How were the maternity costs and such sort of stuff?

Wes Strunk: Yeah. Along these lines, our first needed to go to the NICU for two or three evenings and the insane … what took my breath away was the point at which you have your medical clinic charges, I think our first child, absolute bills where 30 to 35 thousand for just medical clinic expenses and triaged maternity care, needed to go to NICU for two evenings. In this way, when you see that you’re, “Alright.” That was actually our first huge need with Samaritan that we needed to share. Which is the language that they use. I’m certain Medi-Share have something very similar, sharing it among the individuals. Along these lines, it resembled, “OK, we trust this works.”

What’s more, I recall that I went to pay, and with self-pay rebate, and I mean, I think they cut 90% off the cost. Also, my comprehension from the medical clinic where we had our child Cade, was it was a level rate for a self-pay persistent. In this way, regardless of whether our bills had been more than that, it despite everything would have been that practically 90% cut rate. Along these lines, when we presented our need, it was canvassed in full. We didn’t pay anything cash based for that, which is quite mind boggling.

Along these lines, our first experience was “Alright, here’s our bills.” We had a startling NICU visit for some jaundice stuff. Everything was totally secured. That is to say, truly $0 from cash on hand. That is marvelous… value it.


Weave Lotich: That’s marvelous. That is great. Better believe it. Thus, as you probably are aware, we have two children, comparative ages. Yet, both of our own we received. Thus, we haven’t experienced the real maternity expenses yet. My better half’s pregnant, so we’ll be doing it soon. Yet, for our situation, one of the decent things with the appropriation was Medi-Share secured, not the whole expense of selection, however added to it the multiple times, which was pleasant.

Wes Strunk: That’s astounding.

Weave Lotich: Because appropriations are not modest. Anyone who has ever done it, knows. Thus, that was a decent advantage that they had. Yet, I’m truly intrigued to perceive how Medi-Share handles the entire maternity thing. Furthermore, better believe it, we’ll need to report back on that.

Month to month Premiums And Deductibles

Okay. Along these lines, converse with me about your month to month expenses. Furthermore, I realize the verbiage may be extraordinary, yet fundamentally the amount you’re paying every month to be important for Samaritans.

Samaritan Ministries

Wes Strunk: Yeah. Samaritan utilizes the word share. In this way, your month to month share. Our own is $495 and that is for a family. I think they just presented distinctive inclusion levels. Once more, it’s not customary protection, yet they utilize that phrasing where I think for $300 per month you get a specific deductible, essentially I’m utilizing protection language, yet we comprehend what that implies. And afterward, we do their $495 which is their upper sum. That is exactly what we’ve generally done.

What’s more, that deductible is essentially anything over $300 you can share among the individuals. And afterward on the off chance that you get a markdown through being a self-pay tolerant, they at that point, if it’s over $300 rebate on what you went in to do. Thus, in the event that it was $1,000 greenback and they stated, “Alright, self-pay, that will be $500.” Then that essentially postpones your deductible. Thus, you don’t pay any cash out of your own pocket.

Sway Lotich: Really? Alright. Alright.

Wes Strunk: So, on the off chance that it was $1,000 and, at that point you needed to pay $1,000, they would cover 700 of that.

Sway Lotich: So, there’s motivating force for you to arrange?

Wes Strunk: Yes.

Sway Lotich: Because that is essentially returning straightforwardly to your pocket.

Wes Strunk: Yes. They do have a third … They have an accomplice, an outsider that will really advocate for you and haggle for you in case you’re not happy with doing that. I have consistently done that for Callie and myself. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether it’s a control thing. I don’t think it is, however I like individuals, I like conversing with individuals, so I generally need to arrange.

Weave Lotich: Well, you’re acceptable at it.

Wes Strunk: I attempt to counterfeit it as much as Possible. In any case, that is truly made a difference. Thus, whenever we’ve really shared something, we’ve never needed to pay any using cash on hand.

Weave Lotich: Okay. Good. That is cool. Anyway, the $300 deductible is per one time, per one occasion?

Wes Strunk: Yeah. Anything gathered into an occasion. Thus, our child had a skin inflammation breakout. He went to the specialist, I think three or multiple times for various medicines, keeping an eye on the most proficient method to best deal with it. I think the complete bills meant perhaps $1,000 with various drugs and solutions and stuff. Our rebate thumped it down a few, and we shared that and that was shrouded in full once more. Thus, no cash based costs.

Weave Lotich: Okay. Things being what they are, the entirety of that folds up into one occasion?

Wes Strunk: Exactly. No doubt. Better believe it.


Weave Lotich: All right. Better believe it. OK. In this way, Medi-Share is altogether different in such manner. In this way, they have a yearly deductible. Also, for our situation, we picked the most elevated level deductible since we practically simply needed to self-safeguard however much as could be expected. In this way, we have a $10,000 yearly deductible and those go as low as, I think, 1250 I think may be the least one. I’m not so much sure.

No doubt. And every one of these subtleties, as whenever you’re watching this video it’s previous when we recorded it so they might’ve changed. In this way, unquestionably look at the subtleties with them two, yet these are our encounters and our best memory.

Thus, at any rate, you can have a much lower deductible. We’ve decided to have an a lot higher one and that is on a yearly premise. In this way, everything before that, we pay using cash on hand. Along these lines, for our situation, we infrequently submit stuff to Medi-Share since we don’t cross that deductible all the time. Thus, the greater part of what we pay is simply using cash on hand. Yet, in the event that you had a much lower deductible with them, basically once you cross that yearly deductible, everything past that is secured.

Thus, no doubt, they’re working very diffe

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